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What a year it has been! No matter what part of the supply chain you work for, we can all agree that we’ve had to stay diligent throughout 2021. While it has been challenging to predict and plan as we did during the pre-Covid years, there are still things we can count on.

First and foremost, we can always count on the hardworking men and women who keep this country rolling—especially the truck drivers. As the demand for food and supplies has increased across the country, so has the demand for these essential workers. Without drivers, every industry and individual are greatly impacted. As we all sit down to enjoy a meal with family or open presents with our children, it’s important to remember the people behind the scenes that made it possible.

In 2021, we are reminded that we could count on our manufacturers to continue making the products we need and use daily while working through the new normal. We also learned that we could count on our supply chain. Americans pushed it to the limits in 2021 while using a “bend don’t break” philosophy as everyone worked together to get us through these challenges. It’s important to remember that our country is strong, resilient, and resourceful.

As predictions begin to show, there are signs of supply chain improvement . We can take what we learned in 2021 and use it to be more prepared in the future.

One of the more telling stats is that in the previous nine months there has been over 116,000 new trucking authorities approved. That represents 116,000 people who decided to run their own business and help the country recover. This indicates that we can rely on the entrepreneurial spirit of the citizens of America. Proving yet again, that even during this season of uncertainty and change, there is one thing we can count on, and that is Americans have always stepped up to the plate when needed. While we are certain to see continuous stress on the supply chain as we embark into 2022, we are also certain to see solutions and great new ideas immerge.