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PRO Shipping Modes


Keep Cool, Calm and Protected

Reduce risk with refrigerated shipping through Pro. Reliable reefers are what we built our reputation on. We’ve maintained that strong reputation and continue to add the latest tracking technologies and widen our pre-qualified carrier network.

  • Advanced analytics and tracking provide peace of mind. 
  • Rest assured your temp-sensitive product doesn’t spend any more time in transit than it needs to. 
  • The ideal freight mode for food & beverage, plants, healthcare and fine art. 
  • We maintain constant contact with all drivers and immediately notify you of any and all updates.
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Dry Van

Gain Freight Flexibility

Ship large volumes of your goods, supplies and materials on fully enclosed trailers, carried by certified carriers across the country. Whether you need to move food or manufacturing equipment, PRO has a dry van plan. 

  • Ship non-perishable food & beverages, plastics, manufactured goods and other materials.
  • PRO can ship dry van freight locally or coordinate over-the-road routes.
  • We ensure secure loads with full enclosures that are protected from the elements and theft. 
  • Dry van can be confidently used with either truckload or less-than-truckloads (LTL).
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Go Big, Grow Big

As a PRO partner, you get our best with every shipping mode. Maybe you think your shipment is too small—but PRO has the right sized solution. We help grow your business by saving on shipping costs—no matter the load size. We gather your freight needs and maximize routes—both inbound and outbound—all with complete transportation transparency.

  • Optimize process efficiencies and strengthen your supply chain no matter the size of your freight. 
  • We match you with the right size, in the right locations, with expert haulers and get you the right price. 
  • Combat the rising costs of freight by leveraging Pro as your full-service, in-house shipping department.
  • Grow with your dedicated PRO account representative. 
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Our Fleet Takes You Further

When the market seems chaotic with too many moving parts, our team reigns it all in with full truckload—and LTL—ocean freight management. PRO makes shipping by sea simpler. Our state-of-the-art dispatch center, identifies the fit for your freight, tracks in transit, and charts new courses and capacities by monitoring the market on your behalf. Set sail with PRO.

  • Widen your business’ reach, max out capacity and increase purchasing power with ocean access. 
  • Leverage global fleets and independent owner-operators with en-route tracking and updates. 
  • Pack out full truckload freight with expedited shipping, dry van, refrigerated, flatbeds and more equipment options. 
  • Lock in the best rate for cargo containers based on origin, destination, season, fuel costs and type.
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Right on Track

More businesses are switching to intermodal shipping methods. From roads to rails, PRO Intermodal Shipping reduces your shipping costs and your environmental footprint allowing your business to boom in target markets. By altering only the shipping method and never touching the freight itself, your loads get to their destinations more securely and on time with PRO .

  • Shore up shipping all types of freight over the road, across seas or along rails with one professional point of contact. 
  • Grow your business globally with a centralized intermodal freight partner able to scale up or down with your needs. 
  • PRO identifies modal conversions with real-time analytics, load details and shipping updates.
  • Secure the best pricing available whether it’s a spot load or full peak season intermodal coverage.
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Speed Up Without Slipping Up

Fast freight doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. PRO expedited shipping capabilities deliver the same high level of security and efficiency as our other modes of freight, with even more speed and urgency. PRO is prepared when the unexpected arises, ensuring on-time arrival to your destination by negotiating fair and fast rates, dispatching reliable carriers, and providing real-time tracking updates along the way. When your business requires last-minute delivery professionalism—whether it’s for last-minute customer orders, sensitive healthcare materials, or time-critical food products—rely on PRO ASAP.

  • Ship urgent medical supplies, healthcare products, or emergency equipment with confidence. 
  • Pro reduces the risk of damage by eliminating all unnecessary handling. 
  • When time is of the essence, our logistics team provides regular, accurate tracking details and updates in real-time. 
  • With carriers at the ready, you can tap our expedited freight services whenever the need arises—whether it’s one time or every time.
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Third-Party Shipping Logistics

More Than A Shipping Broker

Businesses with limited resources to staff in-house shipping, transportation and logistics turn to PRO as their 3PL. You don’t need to find reliable carriers because we already have strong relationships with thousands of them. We are more than a broker; we’re your growth partner. PRO makes freight management simpler and stronger. 

  • Place your trust in our knowledge of and relationships with the most sophisticated receivers to ensure your freight is delivered on time. 
  • Have the best carrier rates and shipping costs negotiated for you. 
  • Our SmartWay certification allows you to ship with environmentally friendly carriers, reducing your carbon footprint. 
  • PRO coordinates every aspect of your shipping process so you can focus on growing your business. 
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Driven By Your Shipping Specifics

Our experienced team members at our state-of-the-art call center located just outside of Buffalo, NY, identify the most efficient methods of shipping your goods securely and promptly with tracking and reporting. Seasonal demands, receiving complexities, volume and other specifications are met with a variety of shipping modes. Don’t settle for a shipping broker, build a true logistics and transportation partner with PRO .

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Total Transit Transparency

What do all of our shipping modes have in common? Once we match you with the most qualified carrier and lock in the best possible rate, we don’t leave you in the dark. PRO maintains state-of-the-art digital dispatching systems to provide you—the shipper or consignee—with detailed, real-time information on each load for total transparency in transit.

Become a Proferred Partner

Ready to simplify and strengthen your supply chain? Contact PRO today and let us show you how we ship freight and treat our partners the right way.

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