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As spring is approaching, companies are seeking the best practices to manage the recent changes and disruptions in the transportation industry. Escalating costs, increased LTL demand, and driver/labor shortages are resulting in capacity shortages that are affecting both carriers and shippers. Seeking a solid carrier partnership with an experienced third-party logistics company may be helpful to reduce wasted human and financial resources while reducing difficult demands of today’s transportation market.

Partnering with a third-party logistics (3PL) company provides unique opportunities to understand and manage the pressures of both sides of the industry. The following are seven ways that a 3PL company may improve their LTL shipping:

  1. Cost Savings – Third Party Logistics firms can often leverage their relationships to offer greater volume discounts at times and help reduce overhead costs.
  2. Access to Expertise and Experience – 3PL providers have a vast knowledge of the industry as they have the unique opportunity to experience the entire market and interact with best-in-class providers.
  3. Focus on Core Competencies – Outsourcing logistics can give organizations the leeway to focus on their own core competencies rather than on fleet management.
  4. Gain Flexibility/Scalability – 3PLs offer the flexibility and scalability to use and leverage a broader array of supply and distribution resources.
  5. Enable Growth – Being able to manage inventory in new markets without having to spend money on equipment can allow for greater expansion.
  6. Enhance Communication – Reputable 3PLs focus on supplying proactive service and honest
  7. Improve Customer Satisfaction – Third party companies can provide improved services and response time with greater reliability which translates to more satisfied customers.

Although 3PLs do not control the demand within the market, leveraging a relationship with a solid customer service focused 3PL, especially for LTL loads, can go a long way to reduce stress, increase communication, and help obtain balance and stability in your business. If your company has shipping needs, consider a relationship with a third-party logistics company. They can help your company battle this ever-changing market and stay focused on its core competencies while fostering business growth, market expansion, and innovation.