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The trucking industry is essential for moving goods across the country, but it can be grueling work for drivers. Long hours on the road, tight delivery schedules, and time away from home are common challenges. However, new technologies are making the job easier and more efficient for truckers.

Fleet Tracking

One innovation helping truckers is fleet tracking and management software. Programs like KeepTruckin allow trucking companies to monitor their vehicles in real-time. The software provides GPS tracking, maintenance records, fuel usage, and more. With fleet optimization, managers can ensure drivers take efficient routes and make deliveries on time. The system also reduces paperwork and makes compliance reporting, like hours of service, automated.


In the truck cab, new entertainment systems are making the ride more enjoyable. Some long-haul trucks now have built-in LCD screens above the dash to watch TV, play games, or stream videos. This makes downtime during long stretches of highway more pleasant for drivers. Truck manufacturers like Volvo also integrate smart features into the dashboard, like adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance systems, lane keeping assist, and other automation features. These intelligent truck technologies reduce fatigue and keep drivers safe.


Connectivity apps are another essential tech for truckers in the smartphone age. Apps like Trucker Path provide details on fuel stops, available parking, weigh stations, and up-to-date routes to avoid traffic. There are also apps to track mileage, hours of service, fuel transactions, and expenses for tax purposes. These mobile apps help truckers navigate the challenges of life on the road.

Mirror Technology

The MirrorEye camera system from Stoneridge is proving to be highly beneficial for truck drivers. By replacing traditional side mirrors with high-definition camera monitors, drivers gain improved visibility in low light and inclement weather conditions. The clear camera views help drivers navigate safely in varying conditions. Large fleets like Maverick Transportation and Montgomery Transport have adopted MirrorEye based on positive driver feedback. The enhanced visibility and safety provided by MirrorEye cameras helps trucking companies recruit and retain drivers operating their modern, tech-equipped fleets.


While trucking still requires professional drivers, new technologies are making the job more efficient, safer, and more enjoyable for the transportation professionals who deliver America’s goods. Trucking companies that embrace modern tech will continue optimizing their fleet operations and keeping drivers happy behind the wheel in the future.