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In May 2023, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) will be conducting the annual International Roadcheck, commonly known as DOT Week or DOT Blitz. This enforcement program is the largest of its kind, targeting commercial motor vehicles in North America. The event, lasting for 72 hours from Tuesday, May 16th to Thursday, May 18th, involves thorough inspections of vehicles and drivers to ensure compliance with various regulations.

What to Expect in 2023

While the current state of the truckload market may result in less disruption compared to previous years, there is still a possibility of capacity crunches and volatility in spot rates. It is crucial for businesses, whether shippers or carriers, to be prepared for this event and take necessary steps to minimize any potential disruptions.

Preparing Shippers for DOT Week

Shippers can follow several tips to mitigate risks during DOT Week. These include accommodating potential delays by working with drivers, ensuring DOT compliance in transit schedules, paying attention to specific lanes with longer distances, and effectively communicating layover possibilities. Flexibility in shipment scheduling and maintaining a relaxed approach can also help navigate this period smoothly.

Preparing Carriers for DOT Week

Carriers should anticipate delays and allocate additional time due to increased inspection activities. Encouraging drivers to maintain a polite and respectful attitude during inspections can positively influence the overall experience. Carriers can take advantage of available freight during DOT Week by operating when other drivers may choose to stay off the road. Treating every week as if it were DOT Week and being consistently prepared for inspections can further enhance compliance.

Impact on Truckload Capacity

While most carriers will continue to operate as usual, some drivers may opt to take time off during DOT Week. This could result in a temporary decrease in available capacity. Additionally, routing guide compliance may deteriorate, leading to an increased chance of carriers giving back loads. Spot rates may also rise due to reduced carrier supply and steady demand. However, it’s important to note that the market will not immediately return to normal once DOT Week concludes.


The CVSA International Roadcheck, or DOT Week, is an extensive inspection initiative targeting commercial motor vehicles in North America. It’s essential for shippers and carriers to be aware of the event and take necessary precautions to minimize disruptions. By following best practices and remaining prepared, businesses can navigate DOT Week successfully and ensure a smooth flow of operations.