Reefer: Proper Temps And Documentation

Transporting perishable goods under proper temperature control is critical for preventing spoilage and ensuring public health. For truckers hauling refrigerated loads, careful temperature monitoring and documentation is essential. The Food Safety Modernization Act enforces strict temperature control requirements during food transport. This article looks at some of the important guidelines that need to be followed. READ MORE

Crisis Management: A Proactive Approach

Unforeseen crises can strike at any moment, disrupting operations and causing significant challenges for both brokers and shippers. Managing and navigating through these crises is a skill that can make the difference between a minor setback and a major operational disruption. We take a look at some common practices and suggestions for being prepared for a crisis. READ MORE

Maximizing Efficiency:
Consolidation And Cross-Docking

Maximizing efficiency and reducing costs are paramount objectives. Two strategies that can significantly contribute to these goals are shipment consolidation and cross-docking operations. By leveraging these techniques, businesses can streamline their supply chains, optimize transportation resources, and improve profitability. READ MORE

Keeping Cool With Hybrid Reefer

The refrigerated trucking sector is adopting hybrid diesel-electric power to lower emissions and noise during urban deliveries. These hybrid “reefer” units provide both the autonomy of diesel and the clean, quiet operation of electric in a single system. Tightening environmental regulations and noise ordinances make all-diesel units problematic for communities. Hybrid reefers offer the best of both worlds. READ MORE

PRO is a Smartway Partner

PRO is proud to partner with the EPA’s SmartWay program to advance supply chain sustainability. The SmartWay program helps companies improve freight transportation efficiency by providing tools to measure, benchmark, and reduce environmental impacts. As a SmartWay partner, we are working to reduce emissions and promote cleaner, more efficient transportation. Together with SmartWay, we aim to deliver products responsibly while protecting the planet.  LEARN MORE

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