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Thank you for your interest in PRO Transportation’s services.

As a PRO client, you can access our portal to obtain shipping and rate information.  To gain access, please fill out the credit application below. Our team will review your application with care and notify you of our decision promptly.   Thanks again for considering PRO Transportation for your transportation needs.

PRO Transportation Credit Application

Business Contact Information

Company Name(Required)
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Business and Banking Information

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If preferred, upload a file that includes 1-3 references including company name, contact name, email address, physical address, and phone number.
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Max. file size: 50 MB.

Terms and Conditions

All applicable areas on this application must be completed. I/We understand/accept that Pro Transportation’s receivable terms are 30 days from date of billing. All original transport documents including bill of lading will be retained by Pro Transportation. Delay in payment will result in suspended credit privileges. No alterations to this agreement will be accepted by Pro Transportation. Pro Transportation reserves the right to a 2% monthly (24% per annum) interest charge on all overdue accounts. It is agreed that a review of your credit history may be carried out in conjunction with this application, and/or at any time in the future as part of a credit review of your account. IT IS UNDERSTOOD THAT THE CREDIT REFERENCES PROVIDED ABOVE MAY BE USED TO DETERMINE THE CREDIT WORTHINESS OF THE ACCOUNT. PLEASE SIGN BELOW TO CONFIRM YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.